alterIWnet is a modification for the popular game Modern Warfare 2, allowing you to play the game as it was meant to be played - with dedicated servers and various other additional features.

AlterIWnet version 1.3.37a++ Downloads

AlterIWnet version 1.3.37a++ Downloads

1.Extract the archive with your favourite archiver.
2.Use alterIWNet_configure.exe to set your nickname.
3.Run iw4mp.exe and wait for the latest updates to be fetched.

1.IQ of over 60
2.PC that can run MW2 - Google
3.Torrent client (If you use the torrent links) - Download
4.Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework - in the Torrent or on (.NET 4.0 does not count!)
5.Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - in the Torrent or on
6.WinRAR - Download

1.MP Rip (6.76 GB, Torrent link) - Multiplayer client, ready for playing on alterIWnet.
2.AlterIWNet Updater - Update your client to the lastest public version.


1.New in this version:
2.DLC2 Support (aka Resurgence Pack)
3.Default FOV is 80
4.Scavenger no longer supplies main weapon GL attachment
5.Auto-update feature added (for small incremental updates)
6.Ability to connect to a lobby via IP
7.Dedicated servers list
8.Small bug fixes

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